Deborah Kita Memorial

Debby E. Kita Memorial Fund

Deborah Ellen Kita exhibited a true love of learning and dedication to the art of teaching. She was a gifted educator and exemplary model to her colleagues. Debby captured the minds and hearts of the children of the Hopedale Elementary School where she taught from 1987 to 2005. She was known for her love of books and reading, her boundless energy, and her gentle ways. Debby’s fierce determination and perseverance was an inspiration to all who knew her. Her contagious smile radiated warmth and kindness to everyone she met. During her lifetime, she embodied those qualities of courage and kindness to which we all aspire. She will be forever an inspiration for all who teach and learn at theHopedale Memorial Elementary School.

Debby E. Kita Memorial Fund

Memorial donations can be made care of

Hopedale Public Schools

Business Office

25 Adin Street

Hopedale, MA 01747

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