JSHS 1:1 Device Initiative

Hopedale Jr. Sr. High School is pleased to offer a 1:1 device program to the students in grades 7-11.  This initiative will allow us to issue a technology device to every student in grades 7-11. Each student will maintain that computer throughout their time at the JSHS.  Students will keep these devices for use over the summer and continue to use them ongoing through the 2020-2021 school year where the initiative will then cover 7-12.

Students in grades 7-11 and their parents/guardians must read through the 1:1 Device Orientation and sign the agreement at the end  in order to receive their 1:1 device.  The online orientation can be found here: 1:1 Device Orientation. Student device pickup will begin on Tuesday, May 19th.  Device pickup will begin with grade 7 and cover every grade through grade 11 once the device pickup schedule is built.  Families will be notified when their day and time window will be.

If you have any questions after reading through the orientation, please do not hesitate to reach out to the high school administration or technology department.

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