Special Education Liaisons

Joshua Crescenzi, Team Chairperson
Phone: (508) 488-5607
E-mail: jcrescenzi@hopedaleschools.org
If you have any questions or concerns with Special Education Services, please make your child’s liaison your initial contact. Thank you.

Grade 7 Jill DiAntonio jdiantonio@hopedaleschools.org
Grade 8 Sherri Guadagnoli sguadagnoli@ hopedaleschools.org
Grade 9 Valerie Marcotte vmarcotte@ hopedaleschools.org
Grade 10 Nelson Machado nmachado@hopedaleschools.org
Grade 11 Greg Labossiere glabossiere@hopedaleschools.org
Grade 12 Nicole Mikulski nmikulski@hopedaleschools.org
Speech Pathologist Ann Englund aenglund@ hopedaleschools.org
Reading Specialist Deb Goss dgross@ hopedaleschools.org
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