Absentee Call-in Procedures

If a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian must:

  • Call and notify the office at (508) 634-2217, option 1 on the day of the student’s absence.
  • If a student is absent from school, and the school has not received parent/guardian notification of this absence, the school will notify the parent/guardian of the student’s absence from school by way of an automated call.
  • If no parental notification is received within 48 hours of the student’s absence, then that absence will be considered as a truancy from school and subject to disciplinary and academic consequences.
  • The student must make up all class work that was missed during the absence in accordance with the make-up policy.


Tardy Procedures


·         If a student arrives late to school before 7:50 am, that student should report directly to the main office to sign in with the Dean(s).  The student’s attendance record will reflect Late to School (LS).

·         If a student arrives late to school after 7:50 am and before the end of the first academic period, that student is to report directly to their class and the classroom teacher will change the student’s attendance record from Absent (A) to Tardy to School (TS).

·         If the student is late or tardy to school before the end of the first academic period and has notification that complies with the school’s acceptable excused policy, he or she must check in at the main office with notification and will be recorded as Tardy Excused (TE) in the attendance record.

·         All students entering school after the completion of the first academic period must check in with the receptionist in the main office.  The receptionist will mark the student either Tardy to School (TS) or Tardy Excused (TE) and will issue an admission to class pass to the student.

·         The student must present an admission pass to the receiving classroom teacher.


Dismissed from School

·         All dismissals from school require a parental note indicating the appointment date and time as well as telephone numbers of both the parent and appointment site

·         Without a parental note, a parent or authorized emergency contact must sign the student out in the main office.

·         No student will be dismissed via a parental telephone call without documentation of an authorized excuse. 

·         In the case of a family emergency, only an administrator can approve the student’s dismissal without prior consent and documentation.  

·         If a dismissal is determined to be necessary by the school nurse, a parent/guardian must pick up the student.

·         If a student is being dismissed but will be returning to school, the same procedures as tardy to school are followed.


Attendance at School Functions

Any student who is dismissed prior to 10:42 am, who is absent, or who arrives to school after 9:00 am, will be ineligible to participate in any extra-curricular and/or co-curricular activity for that day, except in extraordinary circumstances with special permission from the Principal’s Office. Students who are suspended or are absent without an acceptable excuse may not participate in any extra-curricular and/or co-curricular activity during the period of the suspension or the day of the unexcused absence.

For a more detailed explanation of the Attendance/Tardy Policy, please see the Parent/Student Handbook.

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