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“The school bus is an extension of the classroom and students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner.”

K-6 Grade Street Listings

The following addresses and/or streets are in the K-6 Grade school bus transportation zones. K-6 students who live in the “No Fee” zone and wish to ride the school bus must complete and return a registration form to receive a bus pass.


Streets greater than 2.0 miles (No Fee)

Anthony Rd.
Ben’s WayCharlesgate Rd.

#2,#4 & #5 Country Club Lane
Fieldstone Way
Francis Rd.
Glendale Rd.
#86 – 140 Hartford Ave.
Howard St.
Lloyd St.
Mellen St.
#1 – 31 Mill St.
Neck Hill Rd.
#33 – 116  Plain St.
Richard Rd.
#280 – 398 South Main St.
Thayer St.
Warfield St.

 Streets within 1.5 miles to 2.0 miles  (Fee)

Cutler St.
Crockett Circle
Driftway St.
Forest Path
#1 – #7 Gannett Way
Harmony Trail
Haven Way
#13 – #25 Heron Lane
Kings Way
Larkin Lane
Laurelwood Dr.
Liberty Circle
Mill St.
Moore Rd.
Overdale Parkway
Tillotson Rd.
Villa Drive
#61-68 Westcott Rd.
West St.
Western Ave

 Streets within 1.0 miles  – 1.49 miles  (Fee)

Cemetery St.
Dana Park
141 – 217 Dutcher St.
175 Freedom St.
#8 – #27 Gannett Way
Gayle Rd.
Gaskill Circle
68 – 162 Greene St.
 Hammond Rd.
#1 – 11 Heron Lane
Inman St.
Jackson Way
Jones Rd.
Lapworth Circle
Lower Jones Rd.
Oak View Lane
Patrick Rd.
Robertson Dr.
#2 – #23 Rockridge Rd.
Sandy Hill Rd.
Taft Circle
Tammie Rd.
#1 – #57 Westcott Rd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students in Grades K-6 who reside over 2 miles from their assigned school are eligible for town-paid (free) bus transportation. This determination is mandated by the State of Massachusetts (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 71 Section 68). All students in Grades K-12 will have the option to participate in the fee-based transportation program.

The two mile distance is measured from the end of the driveway of the student’s home to the closest entrance of the school, using the shortest means by public roadway. We utilize the Versa Trans routing software to measure distances within the town. There is a list of streets in the “Transportation Zones” posted on this website.

All students who are NOT eligible for town-paid busing will have the option to purchase a bus pass through the “Fee-Based Transportation Program.” (i.e., grade K-6 students living two miles or less from their assigned school and all students in grades 7-12, regardless of distance.) 

Refunds will be granted to those families who move during the school year if they submit a written request to the Transportation Office. Refunds will be prorated. No refunds will be granted for those families who opt for other means of transportation. Please understand that routes and staffing will be established based upon enrollments at the beginning of the summer.

Students wishing to obtain a bus pass must complete the online registration form and make payments at UniPay Gold no later than 3:45 pm on the closing dates of the registration process.

Payment is due in full at UniPayGold. Payment plans and/or partial payments will not be accepted.

Applications or payments received after the closing dates are not guaranteed a seat and will be placed on a waiting list. Bus routes and staffing will be planned based on enrollment. New residents who reside under 2.0 miles are eligible for transportation upon enrollment subject to seat availability.

Yes. All bus students are required to carry their bus pass on a daily basis, beginning the first day of school. Even if the student is eligible for free busing, a registration form must be completed online. Bus passes will be mailed out in late August. 

PLEASE NOTE: Passes will only be mailed to students who have completed the registration and paid the transportation fee in full. Bus routes will be emailed to those that completed the registration process and full payment.

A one-time replacement bus pass will be provided at no cost. Subsequent new passes will have a $3.00 processing fee.

Children will walk to a common bus stop. Students are not entitled to street-by-street or door-to-door pickup or drop-off. All stops will be at corners, whenever possible, as to make them safe, fair and consistent for all. Bus stops are established in accordance with School Committee policy and Massachusetts State law. In the case of new residents, it may be necessary to establish a new bus stop. Until the area is reviewed, new students will be assigned to the bus stop closest to their home. If a new stop needs to be added, students will be reassigned and notified by the Transportation Office. Parents are responsible for assuring that their child is at the correct bus stop. Any child standing at unauthorized locations or bus stops not assigned by the Transportation Office may not be picked up. Regarding Kindergarten: It is school policy that EVERY kindergarten student to be met by an adult as they exit the school bus. Failure to meet your child’s bus will result in your child being returned to school. It is school policy to return children to their school should an adult not be present to meet them.

No. Students may only ride their assigned buses. If there is a family emergency or medical situation, parents should notify the school principal and other transportation arrangements may be made. Daycare Transportation: Requests for transportation to a stop other than the student’s home address must be approved by the Principal and forwarded to the Superintendent for daycare/babysitting on a five-day-a-week basis. On other than a five-day-a-week basis, transportation is only provided when the requested location is on the same bus route as the student’s home route.

The cost for all students is the same. The amount of time you use the bus is at your discretion. However, bus costs cannot be prorated according to varied daily usage. This is not a “pay-as-you-ride” program.

Routes and staffing will be configured based upon student enrollment. There is no provision for payment of a partial year.

Students are expected to behave in a manner which will provide for optimum safety of the individual student as well as the safety of other students aboard the bus. When a student is reported for violating a safety rule in and around a school bus, school officials will review the situation with the student. Parents will be notified of the behavior. Depending on the severity of the offense and the frequency of violations, the student may receive a warning, a brief suspension from the bus or suspension for the balance of the school year. If a student is participating in the “Fee Based Transportation Program” and is suspended from the bus, the fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

If you cannot afford the transportation fee and meet income requirements, the waiver application must be completed and submitted, along with required income documentation by the closing date of the registration process. Incomplete information will NOT be processed. If it is determined that you are no longer eligible for this program you will be required to pay the transportation fee.

Special needs students who attend out of district placements (outside the Town of Hopedale) and ride special vehicles or vans are NOT subject to the fee. Special needs students who attend Hopedale Public Schools are subject to the fee under the same provisions as other students unless they have “special transportation” by a “special vehicle” indicated in their Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.). Special needs students with these two provisions in their I.E.P. are NOT subject to the fee.

Students who have a 504 plan are subject to the fee under the same provisions as all other students.

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