School Committee Policies

Our Mission

Hopedale students and our community are best served by enthusiastic, well-informed, and dedicated Committee members cooperating as a team. We are committed to thoughtful deliberation, informed decision-making and ethical conduct. We recognize that we serve the community and that a successful school system is built on collaboration among its many constituents.

We strive to achieve results envisioned by the motto “Hopedale: Where every decision is made in the best interest of children.”

We maintain the highest expectation for achievement and innovation by our students, faculty and administrators, and our Committee. We enact policies to create a safe and supportive learning environment, to make high achievement possible, to promote professional development, and to reward excellence. We enhance our own performance through regular participation in Committee professional development and activities of professional associations.

We require measurable accountability for all work by students, faculty and administrators, and our Committee. We expect decisions and efforts, both administrative and academic, to be guided by empiricism, data collection and analysis and the findings of valid scientific research.

We rely on state-of-the-art accounting practices to manage finances in a responsible and businesslike fashion. We approve, monitor, and advocate for school budgets that support the goals and standards of excellence expected of our school system and that support the physical environment necessary to meet these standards.

We recognize and support the efforts of our chief administrator, insure fair and timely performance assessments, and provide compensation reflective of the high value placed on excellence in this position.


Please note our school district policies are available by contacting our central administration office.

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