Welcome to Hopedale
Student Population: PreK-12, approximately 1,277
Elementary School: Grades K-6, 630 students
Jr.-Sr. High School: Grades 7-12, 535 students

Hopedale began as a utopian experiment in 1842, and was economically successful for about fifteen years. The town's founder, Adin Ballou, was a contemporary of Thoreau and Alcott and was, like them, a visionary. During that time, the town was the center of progressive thinking and practice in the Blackstone Valley. Hopedale sent representatives to the First Women's Conference at Seneca Falls, and invited people like Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth to address hundreds of farmers about the awful realities of slavery. There was a boldness, courage, and compassion that later morphed to the stablishment of a model factory town, with parks and a golf course for the workers.

After more than a hundred and fifty years, the legacy of the combined thinking and practice of intelligent communal living and compassionate philanthropy continues as the foundation for our community. Steeped in this history, our students have an uncanny sense of place. Being part of a small community that cares for them,Hopedale students learn to care back in very concrete ways. Our professional staff is at the center of practicing and promoting this bold and caring culture.