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The Hopedale Junior/Senior High School 

The Junior/Senior High School is a Grade 7-12 facility that enrolls 535 students in an attractive setting that includes 40 classrooms, a centralized media center with up to date facilities, a cafeteria hub, auditorium and conference space. The staff presents a balance of veterans, mid-cycle and emerging professionals. Administrative, Guidance, Special Education, Psychology, Nursing and Technology professionals support the learning program. 

The Hopedale Junior/Senior High School provides rigorous academic programs: 
  • Comprehensive course offerings to address the diverse learning needs of all Hopedale students.
  • A cohesive focus on critical thinking, reading and writing skills.
  • Challenging math, science and technology experiences.
  • Peak Intellectual Experiences that integrate knowledge and skills in a public exhibition.
  • Curriculum aligned with State Frameworks. 
  • An integrated 7th & 8th grade team structure.
  • Opportunities for acceleration.
  • Substantial Advanced Placement offerings and options.
  • A wide array of Arts offerings including Fine, Applied, Technological and Video curriculum.
  • A full slate of Performing Arts including Chorus, Band, Jazz, and A Cappella ensembles.
Academic Enrichment Opportunities
  • National Honor Society
  • Mock Trial
  • Math Team
  • Independent Learning Program
  • Drama Club
  • International Travel Club
  • Internships
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) 
Community Service: 
  • Student Council
Co-curricular Activities: 
  • Social events including dances, ski club trips, creative writing, DECA., and Spanish Club
  • Interscholastic Sports:
    • * Basketball * Cross Country * Tennis * Soccer * Field Hockey *
    • * Softball * Cheerleading * Baseball * Golf *Track * Volleyball* 
The Memorial Elementary School 

Home to 630 children and 80 staff members, the Memorial Elementary School has 30 attractive classrooms, numerous educational settings for special services, an up-to-date media center, a gymnasium, cafeteria/multi-purpose room, internet access in all classrooms, and a state of the art technology laboratory. Its grounds hold a safe and secure playground and sports facilities. 

The Memorial Elementary School provides a strong consistent curriculum: 
  • Literature-based balanced reading program incorporating a multi-strategic approach to literacy instruction
  • Specialized reading supports to include Fundations Phonics Program, Wilson and literacy support groups
  • Links writing and study skills program
  • Highly acclaimed math programs: Think Math and Connected Math
  • Science and Technology for Children and district-developed programs
  • K-6 Technology Integration curriculum
  • Library program with integrated research component
  • Comprehensive Arts Program including Chorus, Band, and instrumental lessons
  • Physical Education program incorporating Presidential Fitness Awards and Project Adventure
  • Health Program 
Curriculum Enhancements
  • Multi-age, single-age and team-teaching settings
  • Full-day Kindergarten
  • School-wide health curriculum including Open Circle Social Skills
  • Student Council
  • 6th grade Nature's Classroom experience
  • Literacy Enrichment: Community Reading Day, Book Fairs, Mass. Children's Book Award, Heifer Project, Summer Incentive Reading, Visiting Authors/Illustrators
  • Peak Intellectual Experiences - Grade 3 and Grade 6
  • Before/After-school enrichment programs
    • Destination Imagination
    • MCAS support programs
    • School musical and class plays
    • Breakfast Program
    • After-Care Program 

Bright Beginnings Center 

Twenty dedicated professionals and support staff service 80 students weekly in a safe and nurturing pre-school program. The spacious classrooms are well suited for developmentally appropriate instruction with an emphasis on active participation, "play" and social skills acquisition. Utilizing small integrated and large group settings, the teachers encourage students to learn at their own pace. A fenced in and well-supervised playground also provides a secure environment to practice both social and physical skills. 

A typical day would include: circle time, music and movement, learning centers time, share a story, creative and outdoor play, and snack. Integral to the program is the social skills curriculum and parent out-reach program. 

Bright Beginnings Center offers regular and integrated preschool programs that are fee-based. Children with identified learning disabilities attend at no charge. 

Pupil Personnel Services 

Pupil Personnel Services staff provide a wide range of support and instructional services designed to ensure student success. Services are integrated into the regular education program wherever possible. Additional "separate" services are available to students on an individual or small group basis. In their totality, these programs serve as a "safety net" for all of our students. Highlights include: 

Classroom Inclusion Support 
Learning Centers 
Specialized Reading Centers 
Related Services: Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Vision
Summer Services and Programs 
Pre-school Programs and Early Childhood Screening 
Crisis Management 
Guidance Programs: Social Skills Groups, Vocational Support, College Planning 


Hopedale is committed to the full utilization of technology to enhance student learning and staff instruction. Students enjoy exciting programs and systems that afford worldwide connectivity. Both stationary and portable computer labs, outfitted with state of the art equipment as well as a variety of educational and productivity applications and software, are available to students at all grade levels. All district-wide instructional space has local area and Internet access. The District also has put in place several administrative systems to support student information, financial systems, collaborative and communication services. Hopedale Public Schools has constructed an up-to-date network linking all schools school websites under a comprehensive district website. All secondary teachers maintain individual webpages. Many Pre-K through Grade 6 teachers also connect with students and families via their webpages.

Professional Development 

One of the underlying factors in the success of the Hopedale students is the faculty's commitment to professional development. Not only does the District encourage its teachers to continue their graduate studies, the school district also sponsors numerous in-district programs and courses to target specific student needs. 
Parent Involvement 

Children learn best when their parents take an active role in their education. Starting at Bright Beginnings, many parents serve as "Friends of Bright Beginnings". They continue this involvement at Memorial Elementary School where they often participate in "P.A.C.E." (Parents' Advisory Council on Education), or as a classroom volunteer in many of the school's activities. By the time our students reach the Jr./Sr. High School, many parents have become strong advocates for particular programs such as "Friends of Music" or the "Boosters Club". Others continue their participation through the "S.P.E.A.C." Group (Special Education Advisory Council), which maintains a close working relationship with school personnel. Parents' presence and voices are welcome in our ongoing discourse about educational improvement. School Improvement Councils at each school set annual goals and participate in the shaping of the district's Strategic Plan. Parent organizations add enrichment activities through volunteer hours. A "Parents as Partners" program of seminars for each grade, from Preschool through Grade 12, helps parents anticipate learning, behavioral, and developmental issues and support children in concert with teachers and specialized staff.