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Arrival and dismissal times are important parts of our daily routine. While these routines facilitate and foster positive family and staff interactions, it is a time when safety is of utmost importance.  It is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation to and from school with the exception of the children enrolled in the special education programs. The following rules and regulations must be followed when dropping off and picking up children from the BrightBeginnings Center.  The Hopedale Police Department will be monitoring Park Street to make sure parents are adhering to these rules.

  • In order to keep the traffic going in the same direction, use Dennett Streetto Park Street.

  • Parking is allowed on one side of the street only (school side).

  • Do not park on the sidewalks as children and their caregivers require access to the sidewalks.

  • Do not park in the school driveway or our neighbors’ driveway.  Families of children with special circumstances and/or special needs may talk with their teacher if their drop off and pick up warrants parking in the school lot.  

  • Do not block the school driveway or our neighbors’ driveway.

  • At arrival time, the BBC staff is responsible for taking students off the school van if applicable.

  • A staff member from each preschool class will be at the entrance way at arrival and dismissal times to facilitate a smooth transition to home and school.  Children are not allowed into the building unless accompanied by an adult.

  • During arrival time, each class completes an attendance form.  The office staff informs the teachers when a family has called their child out. 

  • During dismissal time, the staff will release children to their caregivers or those who are on the emergency contact list.

  • All special education students who are transported by the school van will be placed in their child safety seat by a staff member.

  • Once your child has been met or released by a staff member, please leave immediately in order to free up your parking space for the next parent and to ensure the safety of all children and families who are leaving the Center.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.